The Last Taboo

from by Your Parents

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(Inspired by Occupy Wall Street)

When you came for me, picked me up in a taxi cab
And the drinks and the dinner and wine and you paid the huge tab
All night long I felt an ache
To know how much you really make
It’s true
But I wouldn’t dare to ask
Because that question breaks the last taboo

When you sit and you talk with a bunch of your good friends
They complain about how much things cost and how much they all spend
No one’s saying what amounts
Are sitting in their bank accounts
If you
Bring it up they’re all aghast
You’ve crossed a line, you broke the last taboo

We’re taught from birth
hide your net worth
Everyone must collude
All play a game
that we're the same
Questioning is so rude

When you hear the old fat cats, they talk of aches and pains
Swollen prostates, titanium hips, not their capital gains
You don't say, “the way you hoard’s
Part of a system that rewards the few”
Stick to kidney stones they passed
So you won’t dare to break the last taboo.

Manners dictate
That one’s estate
Others shall never know
Class wars are reined
Order maintained
Keeping the status quo

When you’re mad cause the country is run by oligarchs
And you find that you’re studying _Das Kapital_ by Karl Marx
Trouble hiding all your rage, you’re
Thinking you might want to stage a coup
But that plan is from the past
And words can change more than a blast could do
Open up forbidden doors
I’ll show you mine, you show me yours
The talk begins, the die is cast, now
We’ve begun to break the last taboo
We've begun to break the last taboo


from Listen To Your Parents, released January 26, 2013



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